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Back to classics

There are now a ton of Super Mario games out there but nothing will ever beat its old-school version. Super Mario is a fun adventure game developed by Proapp24 for people who want to relive the experience of jumping and stomping over the Koopas’ heads. 

Simple but thrilling gameplay

You would think that jumping over pipes and avoiding Goombas are easy in Super Mario but it is actually very challenging. Each world has a different level of difficulty and you will find it harder and harder to avoid those annoying mushroom heads and turtles. New enemies will also pop-up from nowhere like chomping flowers that sometimes breathe fire. Be super careful when treading through worlds because the slightest touch of the enemy will have you dead!  

The controls are also very easy with just a few buttons to press. There is no need to worry about pressing on complicated combinations just to enable a helpful quirk. If you need any help, Super Mario has got you covered with power-up mushrooms to boost your performance!

Explore different worlds

It is not all about jumping in Super Mario. There will be worlds that will require you to swim! It will be remarkably harder to complete these levels because you will face new enemies aside from Goombas and Koopas. Fishes underwater may seem friendly but touch one and you lose a life. Swimming instead of running and jumping also is a challenge of its own. Mario will be a little harder to control as he drifts through the waters. There will be narrow passageways you will have to swim through and enemies will be crawling both on the floor and ceiling. 

If there is water, then, of course, there is also fire. You will get to encounter a world full of lava in this game and I have to say that it is one of the most challenging levels. It will require you to jump longer lengths so be careful. This is a very tricky part of the game because jumping too high will make you hit the spikes on the ceiling but not enough jumping will make you miss your landing. You will fall down and drown in hot lava and then you will be back to square one. 

Experience 2D 

Super Mario has amazing 2D graphics. Its old school design brings about a nostalgic feeling for older gamers and its bright colors make it also appealing for children. Having the game in 2D can actually be considered as one of Super Mario’s redeeming and unique qualities. Playing from a single and steady point of view makes it very easy to understand the game. It also makes it fit to be played by people of all ages. 

A timeless game

This game may have had a lot of sequels and newer versions but nothing will ever top the classic Super Mario game. From its bright and popping colors to its fun and quirky sound effects, this will always remain to be a favorite.


  • Amazing 2D graphics
  • Fun background music
  • Many worlds to explore
  • Challenging levels


  • Few playable characters
  • Easy to die
  • Has only few lives
  • Cannot be saved in the middle of a game

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